A little dog waits outside a dollar store for three weeks hoping someone will notice.

For three weeks, a little dog named Robbie waited outside the door of a busy Dollar General in Houston, Texas. All alone, the little brown pup ducked under a plastic chair and watched customers come in and out, hoping someone would notice.

Fortunately, as soon as Kristin Erwin spotted Robbie, she knew she had to help him.

“I thought he was the cutest thing, with his chubby little legs,” Erwin shared. “It broke my heart when I learned that he had been there for three weeks already”.

Erwin, who is often involved in dog rescues, spotted Robbie running in a nearby parking lot as she drove by. Curious to know why this sweet dog was all alone, Erwin walked into the Dollar General and asked the clerk if she knew anything about Robbie’s story. The employee insists that someone will come back for Robbie, but Erwin remains skeptical. Erwin left his number with the receptionist and asked to be notified if Robbie’s caretaker didn’t show up. As she suspected, Erwin received a message shortly afterwards: they hadn’t come and Robbie needed help.

“Night was already falling, but I immediately ran to Dollar General,” says Erwin.

Erwin and the helpful clerk eventually got Robbie into Erwin’s car, and soon he was warm and safe in his house.

Erwin made sure Robbie had the space and time to adjust to his new surroundings. At first, Erwin assumed that Robbie was fearful, since he wasn’t very active. But as he got to know him better, Erwin realized that Robbie was just a quiet guy.

„He was completely relaxed, eating and resting,“ Erwin said.

With the help of Lola’s Lucky Day, Robbie has been placed in a caring foster home, where he will live until he is ready to find his forever family.

Robbie, who was unsure of the end of his story, can now rest easy knowing that he will soon have a permanent and loving place to live.

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