Vet comforts little dog after surgery with lots of love and affection

On the Internet, one can watch a sweet video where the veterinarian tenderly consoles a small dog who has just undergone surgery.

The video has gone viral and you can watch it too.

After the procedure, the puppy named Meesha was scared, as the anesthesia was beginning to wear off and, obviously, her body was feeling unusual sensations.

Little did the adorable little one know he was in good hands and nothing to worry about.

And he started complaining and crying.

Meesha was taken to the BARCS dog shelter, being in Baltimore from birth.

The shelter had a very caring team that surrounds the animals with care and love.

Shelter volunteers are always trying to find homes for the animals and return them to good hands.

To live at the shelter, the dogs must be sterilized and here is the little Meesha also followed this intervention process.

Veterinary surgeon Dennis Moses participated in the Meesha procedure.

And afterwards, when he saw the good pooch moaning, he took him in his arms to support and comfort him. The kind-hearted surgeon rocked him like a little child and spoke reassuring words.

One of the clinic staff came to film these beautiful emotional moments.

And here is the video of the surgical assistant cradling the emotional little dog who was crying like a baby after the surgery.

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