the appearance of 89-year-old actress Joan Collins will not leave you indifferent

The 89-year-old ‚Dynasty‘ star left everyone speechless as she showed off her body in a swimsuit

Thanks to her famous role in „Dynasty“, the talented and outstanding actress J. Collins gained global recognition and popularity. And now, although she is already 89, the iconic woman continues to delight her followers with new photos that she frequently shares on her Instagram page. At times, the eminent actress leaves everyone speechless as she shows off her well-groomed figure, feminine energy and attractiveness despite her upcoming 90th birthday celebration.

With her fifth husband Percy Gibson, the charming woman is making the most of her time celebrating Christmas in Beverly Hills. The leopard print swimsuit she appeared in a pool with glam sunglasses along with bright red lipstick and manicure definitely surprised her followers.

“She looks like a million dollars,” “Wow! You are amazing”, “How well this leopard bathing suit suits her!”, “My greatest inspiration to always live my life to the fullest”,

As the celebrity mentions, at age 89 she still feels 40 saying „I think it’s not age that matters, it’s how you look, feel and behave.“

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