Klum’s outrageous appearance in a plunging neckline jumpsuit was heavily criticized

Klum’s vulgar look in a floral jumpsuit with a plunging neckline caused a stir

Despite her age, Klum still remains firmly among the most desirable and in-demand models in the world. Her amazing figure, absence of wrinkles and other age-related changes, and attractiveness do not cease to pleasantly surprise her fans.

It is not at all surprising that all young models envy her elegance, unearthly beauty and global recognition. Another reason for their jealousy is that Heidi has a very attractive husband, T. Kaulitz who is a guitarist at “Tokio Hotel”. Although Tom is only 33 years old, he and the model are happy to have been married for 3 years already.

At first, many were more than certain that their relationship would not last long due to their large age difference. While the atypical couple claims they are still madly in love with each other.

In order to keep the passion in their relationship, the charming model often surprises her young husband with her bold and risque outfits. Sometimes even contemporaries of the model see her speechless.

Her latest outrageous appearance in a vulgar jumpsuit with big red roses on it and with a plunging neckline made the model the center of admiration.

Although many were delighted with the appearance of the iconic celebrity, there were people who rushed to criticize her heavily.

„She really knows how to surprise everyone“, „I hate that look“, „Even her young husband is embarrassed“, „Klum, stop it!“ , “What an ill-chosen combination”.

How did you like the recent look of the famous model?

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