What the strongest kid in the world looks like 20 years after he became famous (12 photos)

Richard Sandrak was once the strongest boy in the world.

His pictures are in every magazine, he hosts his own sports show and even starred in a movie thanks to the incredible athletic form he developed at the age of six.

Richard’s parents are professional athletes. They began involving the boy in sports training when he was 2 years old.

Over time, the child began to be interested in sports.

His father then found him a trainer – a professional bodybuilder who agreed to train such a child, even though bodybuilding is not a sport for children and is not very suitable for the general physical development of the child.

By the age of six, Richard was already making phenomenal progress. He weighs around 80 pounds and his body is shaped like that of a professional athlete.

Every year, the boy develops and improves his form, which allows him to gain popularity in the media space.

He promotes almost all products related to healthy living and his video program to train children sells impressively.

But society then shifts from admiration for the child to a general concern for his physical and mental health.

The media reported that the child’s body fat percentage was only 1%, which was lethal for his age. Her parents were hit with a wave of criticism.

Apparently, this period was very painful for all members of the boy’s family, and family relations deteriorated. Three years later, Richard’s father is imprisoned for beating his wife.

Richard’s coach has since claimed that Richard’s father not only abused the child’s mother, but also the boy, forcing him to follow a strict diet and exercise for seven hours a day. Following all these events, the education of the young Hercules came to an end.

Today, Richard continues to train, but less actively. He’s still in good shape, but of course he can’t compare to his past achievements. The young man works as a stuntman and admits that he does not regret his athletic childhood: “No, I don’t lift weights, I was just bored. I am very proud of my past”.

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