Tom Hanks, his wife Rita Wilson and son Truman appeared at the premiere

The two-time Oscar winner attended a screening of TV series A Man Called Otto. The event took place at the Dotdash Meredith in Manhattan, New York. The 66-year-old actor was accompanied by his wife Rita Wilson and their youngest son Truman. Tom chose a black striped suit and a blue tie. His heir favors a two-piece suit in the Tarantino style.

Rita was inspired by the choices of those close to her. She appeared on camera in an embroidered pantsuit. The artist’s wife completed her look with high heels chosen for her by stylist Mariam Malakpour. Rita had her hair down and light day makeup. The singer completed her outfit with an elegant necklace and a pair of small earrings.

Fans of the artist left them many compliments.” Rita is so elegant! The cleavage is superb here”, “It’s so nice to see a happy Tom and Rita”, “I wonder who Truman looks more like: his mother or his father”, “Rita is radiant!”. An inspiring family”, “Your smiles shine”, “Age has gotten the better of Tom, but our love for him knows no bounds”, “Is it Tom? How long have we slept?” “Magic trio,” netizens commented on the network.

Tom starred in the movie. Wilson collaborated with Colombian singer Sebastian Yatro on the duet „Til You’re Home“ for the film’s soundtrack. Hanks plays a grumpy old man in Marc Forster’s Pittsburgh drama, which has grossed just $12.7 million on a $50 million budget since opening in US theaters Dec. 30.

A Man Named Otto is a remake of the 2016 Swedish film, The Second Life of Uwe, which was based on the 2012 book of the same name by Fredrik Backman. Tom also had his furry companion, a cat named Smeagol, at a screening of the film.

Truman, meanwhile, gets his first major role as young Otto Anderson. The younger Hanks usually stays behind the camera, working as an assistant cameraman on Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story and as a loader on Wes Anderson’s upcoming film Asteroid City, which will star his famous father. Tom supports the heir in this.

“It’s a family business. That’s what we did. Our children grew up in this environment. We have four kids, they’re all creative and all indulge in some form of storytelling, and whether we’re a plumbing supply business or run a flower shop down the street, the whole family has to be released at some point, even if it’s just year-end inventory,” Hanks told Reuters.

His remarks come against the backdrop of the recent scandal surrounding the children of Hollywood stars who rose to fame thanks to the support of their famous parents.

Tom insisted that his children do not owe their success solely to their ancestry. It doesn’t matter what last name we have. Our job is to provide the audience with an authentic experience, which is more important than worrying about whether someone is going to try to hit us,” the artist said.

Tom and Rita are the parents of 32-year-old rapper and fitness trainer Chet Hanks. According to the Daily Mail, he celebrated a year of sobriety in September. Tom has two older children: Colin and Elizabeth Ann, from his nine-year marriage to Samantha Lewis, which ended in 1987.

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