The charming little girl called the living doll surprises everyone with her perfect beauty

For three years, the adorable little girl Amaya Jade has surprised Internet users with her supernatural beauty.

She is called a living doll because of her magical appearance and she is considered the most beautiful child in the world by network users.

The charming girl stands out above all for her long eyelashes and incredibly voluminous dark hair.

People also admire her puffy cheeks and unusual eye color.

At first, there were those who thought that his mother had stuck false eyelashes on him. But the girl is growing and becoming more beautiful day by day.

The little one has a sister and a brother who also inherited their parents‘ prettiness.

The children’s mother Stephanie Castillo is proud of the splendor of her little ones.

She explains to their followers that her children have a mixture of different bloods, such as Spanish, Creole and Afro-American and that they have inherited the charm of their ancestors.

Stephanie often shares photos of her children, but it is Amaya in particular who is admired by fans, because it is impossible to remain indifferent to the extraordinary beauty of this young child.

In their comments, users often write that Amaya is the prettiest girl they have ever seen.

They are sure that when the child grows up, she will be a beautiful, attractive and also talented girl, because her eyes are proof of her intelligence.

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