Rangers rescue six young elephants trapped in mud puddle

In general, wild animals are best left alone, and it is best that humans do not interfere with them. But when rangers found six elephants separated from their parents and unable to climb out of a mud pit, they stepped in to save the day and set them free.

Rangers at Thap Lan National Park in Thailand found six baby elephants trapped in mud pits, according to a Facebook post.

It was obvious that a herd of wild elephants had passed through the area when the youngsters got stuck. The adult elephants were waiting for the calves, but they were unable to get out of the mud on their own.

The park rangers then decided to get involved and help the elephants out of the mud.

However, there was nothing they could do immediately: they didn’t have the right equipment on them and it was getting late. One of the rangers therefore kept an eye on the elephants overnight and they returned the next morning with the equipment.

Using this equipment, the rangers dug a ramp for the elephants to climb out of the mud pit.

The six elephants got out, safe and sound, and rejoined their herd.

And it’s all thanks to these rangers who went above and beyond to help.

We are so happy that these elephants are safe! Thank you to those rangers who went above and beyond to help them get to safety!

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