Man learned his limping dog was copying him just to support him

Caring owners always worry when their four-legged friends have a health problem.

And they want to get them to a vet as soon as possible.

A man, named Russell, had a beautiful 8-year-old pet dog named Billy. They liked to walk together.

But it had been almost a year since the man had broken his leg and was walking on crutches.

When the two of them went out for a walk, Billy started to limp.

Russell became very worried and thought the dog’s paw was damaged. The man decided to take her to the veterinary clinic.

Billy had an X-ray and his landlord had to pay a lot of money for this consultation.

But the specialist said the dog’s paw was fine and had no abnormalities.

So when they went outside to go home, the furry friend started limping again.

But the next day, Russell’s wife, Michelle, saw Billy walking around the yard quite normally, without hobbling.

She told her husband what she had seen and they understood everything.

To support his beloved owner, the loving pooch would limp when he was next to him.

He didn’t want his human friend to limp along on his own, and he did so out of solidarity.

In this way, the four-legged friend wanted to show his warm affection towards his owner.

Russell shared a short video showing how the adorable dog walks next to his friend.

The man wrote that he adores his beloved dog and never regrets the hundreds of euros he paid for his checkup at the vet.

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