Here’s how ‚Charmed‘ star Alyssa Milano changed

Do you remember Phoebe from ‚Charmed‘? Here is the actress after decades

The iconic series “Charmed”, released in the late 1990s, immediately became very popular and loved by viewers. It was hard to find someone who wasn’t excited while waiting for new episodes and every girl wanted to look like her favorite heroine. It must be noted that after 24 years almost everyone has changed beyond recognition. For example, Doherty played by P. Shannen suffered from cancer, Paige played by McGohan had to undergo surgery after a fatal accident.

While our beloved Alyssa Milano who brilliantly played Phoebe has hardly changed in those years. Many believe that the famous actress has not changed much after two decades. She recently turned 50 and still looks fantastic.

The legendary 1990s actress wrote, “My 50s. No filters, interferences and makeup. I will move, love a lot, be useful. I am happy to be here”.

Have you watched the popular series? Did you like Phoebe?


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