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Despite everything, they appreciate and still love each other.

This couple lived together for 70 years. And no matter what, they still appreciate and love each other.

Recently they celebrated the 70th wedding anniversary. Today, Nancy is already 86 years old, and her husband Melvin is 91 years old.

Thematic photography for them was organized by their granddaughter Anna. A photographer by profession, this photo session became a pleasant gift for her grandparents.

Nancy and Melvin met in her youth.

The marriage was concluded in the Lutheran Church, which is located in Mitchell. The ceremony was elegant and simple.

For many years Nancy treasured her wedding dress.

The granddaughter took pictures in the garden. And since there were few photos of the wedding ceremony with her grandparents, Anna decided to capture Nancy in a wedding dress and Melvin in uniform.

The impression is that this couple returned 70 years ago.


On this day, they put on the rings and officially became husband and wife. But the happiness was short-lived. Melvin, who was drafted into the army, was sent to study in Japan.

Then he came to see his wife for a few weeks, after which he returned to Japan.

The young people kept in touch by correspondence. But they weren’t that far apart. Returning home, Melvina expected a calm and measured life.

The couple have five children. The father of the family works as a salesman and the mother works in a grocery store and runs her household.

What is the secret of a strong union?

According to Nancy and Melvin, a strong marriage is based on mutual respect and forgiveness. Try to do everything so that both of you enjoy life.

It is immediately noticeable how much this couple is in love with each other. They raised five children, twelve grandchildren and twenty-one great-grandchildren.

This strong and loving family was born out of infinite love.

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