Catherine Zeta-Jones was captured kissing her 78-year-old husband

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 53, was filmed kissing her husband Michael Douglas, 78. Network users were shocked by the new images of the maestro, who has visibly aged in recent months.

“Douglas has visibly aged”, “He has aged a lot”, “It’s hard to believe that they are husband and wife”, “Young women deserve to have someone their own age by their side”.

“You married your grandfather”, “Girls who married old people, look at their husbands in a few years”, “Beautiful couple”, “You had a long and happy road”. Don’t Be Jealous“, „Hollywood’s Cutest Couple“.

Underneath Zeta Jones’ post, she wrote, „Always loved you“ and „You two are perfect for each other despite the age difference.“

What do you think of unequal marriages? Do you like this couple? We look forward to hearing from you during this discussion.

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