A dog runs towards a woman in the woods and begs her to follow him

Ashley Boggs knew something was wrong. She was driving on a winding forest road in Puerto Rico when she saw the car in front of her stop, then continue driving. She quickly discovered the reason for the traffic stoppage: a small brown dog was running towards cars on this busy road, begging for help.

Mrs. Boggs, who works for the association Miracles for Satos Rescue, quickly understood why this sweet dog was so desperate: all her babies were nearby.

„I went out and noticed she was a nursing mother, so I decided to follow her,“ Ms Boggs says.

It didn’t take long for Boggs to notice two puppies near the road. She got the mom and her puppies to safety in her car. Then she went looking for the rest of the family.

„That’s when I heard puppy cries coming from the wooded area and went to investigate,“ Ms Boggs said.

As she walked through the lush, green forest, she began to spot little faces poking out of the leaves.

“I was surprised there were so many,” Ms Boggs said. “I was also sad because I knew they wouldn’t have survived if I hadn’t found them. There was no more food or water, and they were in a very isolated area. It’s both joyful and sad. They were so adorable.”

Mrs Boggs grabbed the four babies in the forest and brought them back to her car. Soon the entire family of seven was reunited and heading for the shelter.

Boggs recorded the rescue in a video here:

Finally safe, the mother, later named Goji, could only thank her rescuer.

„She was so affectionate and kept kissing and hugging me as a thank you,“ Mr Boggs said.

Despite the time spent in such a scary situation, Goji and his puppies were affectionate and fun loving. They quickly became favorites at the shelter.

„The mother is a true angel,“ Ms Boggs said. “She is very affectionate and likes people to come and pet her. Puppies are extremely playful. They love to play with the volunteers and pull on their shoelaces.”

Already, two of the puppies have been adopted by loving families. Soon Goji and the rest of his puppies will also find their perfect home.

Though forced to navigate a dark forest and a busy road, this family will never have to fend for themselves again.

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