The second wife of King Charles is not beautiful like the charming Lady Di

The second wife of Prince Charles, currently the King of the United Kingdom, Camilla Parker Bowles is 75 years old.

She was born in England, in the county of Cheshire.

17 years ago she married Charles and remember that she was a divorced woman.

But before becoming the wife of the prince, the future princess was engaged in philanthropic and charitable activity.

She was also part of the environmental protection movement. The prince’s wife is highly esteemed from the royal family.

But it is worth noting that when Charles married Diana, the British press was all the time talking about the ravishing beauty and exceptional charm of Lady Di.

Yet, as far as Camilla was concerned, her appearance was not appreciated by the media.

This aristocratic lady is far from beautiful, even when she was young.

Her big nose, wrinkled skin and large teeth make her appearance incomparable with the splendor of Princess Diana, whose magic attracted everyone.

However, the press talked about her reputation as a seductress and that she was divorced.

These old photos also show that the lady of the king’s heart does not shine with her beauty. Because of her rough face, she looks older.

In short, even being young, one cannot compare the appearance of Camilla with that of the charming Lady Di.

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