The baby has been fitted with a hearing aid and is hearing his sister’s voice for the first time. This feedback is priceless

A young mother in Georgia has shared a very moving video on social media. We see his little girl hearing her sister’s voice for the first time.

The woman said her daughter was born three months early; a week later, she received the distressing diagnosis of necrotizing enterocolitis, a disease of the bowel and stomach. The baby had to be treated with antibiotics, which caused him to lose his hearing.

As she is still very young, it is unknown to what extent she can hear. So her parents decided to buy her hearing aids to see if she could hear. Everyone was amazed at how successful they were. The mother videotaped the child’s first impressions with the hearing aids and uploaded them online.

I figured he must be hearing well because he was responding to most sounds. From what I saw today, it wasn’t as good as I thought,” the mother says.

Older siblings tell him.” sister, sister…”.

The little girl listens attentively, suspicious at first, but ends up laughing.

“She laughs through her tears. It was definitely the first time I heard the sound clearly,” Carol later explained. “I’ve never been so happy. She became much more active and tried to talk more. It is clear that this machine had a huge impact on her”.

Users who saw the video shed tears.

“These are tears of joy. God is big. I wish you good sound and joy!” – writes Diane Hepner-Anderson.

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