Megan Fox is unrecognizable in teen photos

Megan Fox is considered one of Hollywood’s most attractive actresses.

Today, this flawless beauty boasts that she can seduce any man with the snap of her fingers. But how was this seductress as a teenager?

Meghan fans couldn’t recognize the beautiful star from the archive photos.

In old photos, Fox appears to have a bad eyebrow and teeth.

“Age has helped her”, “she has more eyebrows than most girls”, “perfect beauty”, “from a big duck she has become a beautiful swan”, “the years have done their work” , “I can’t believe it’s Meghan”.

“She’s still beautiful,” read a comment under a photo of the Hollywood star. What do you think ? Tell us what you think about it in the comments.

“I can seduce any man I want with the snap of my fingers,” Megan says confidently. But it wasn’t always like that. As a child, the actress was apparently called the “ugly duckling”.

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