Far from the beautiful celestial Lady Di here is what Queen Camilla looked like in her youth

Are you ready to see the archive photos of the young queen, Camilla Parker-Bowles?

It should be mentioned that when the Prince with the late princess, the whole world could not stop shouting about the unearthly beauty, charm and elegance of the future Queen. As far as Camilla is concerned, she was frequently criticized and far from everyone admired her appearance.

Many rushed to claim that, in comparison to the angelically beautiful princess, she was far from ideal. Many criticized the woman for her „imperfect“ appearance claiming she was the reason the Princess and Charles divorced.

And recently, a file photo appeared depicting the queen in youth. She appeared in a suit, white shirt complementing her look with a stunning necklace. It should be noted that the iconic woman was a huge fan of the 1980s short hairstyle.

Although she is barely 40 in the file photo, she looks much older, according to netizens.


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