the way the iconic Lopez recently appeared in public was heavily criticized by netizens

Lopez’s recent appearance in a rather scruffy look caused a stir on the network

For millions of fans, J. Lopez has always been the icon of feminine beauty that stands out for its unique style, elegance and luminosity.

Although the legendary celebrity is already 53 years old, the charming woman continues to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet, which means that the iconic star still manages to keep herself in shape as well as her flawless and beautiful body. The talented and brilliant performer regularly takes good care of her skin too periodically turning to self-care procedures.

The fact that the exceptional celeb has never had plastic surgery literally leaves everyone speechless since it’s actually hard to believe that the unearthly and „ageless“ beauty of this incredible woman is natural.

Very often, Lopez appears in rather revealing, glamorous and eye-catching outfits on the red carpet, for example, in ultra mini or translucent dresses.

However, lately, the prominent singer has been appearing in a rather slovenly and odd look wearing a white T-shirt and red sportswear. Needless to say, not everyone appreciated the celebrity look.

Many were more than sure the iconic star was just in a hurry and didn’t really care what to wear.


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