The way iconic actor Gere has aged has amazed his fans

Paparazzi caught 73-year-old actor Richard Gere with his young wife on the beach

Meet one of the most well-known, desirable, commendable and attractive stars who made a huge contribution to Hollywood cinematography. Young R. Gere was a real conqueror of female hearts, and no girl and woman could remain indifferent to his attractiveness, charm and charisma. As difficult as it may seem, the iconic celebrity is already in her 70s and aging noticeably.

The former epitome of male beauty has been caught by the paparazzi which revealed how the A-list actor currently looks. Fans were literally amazed to see the Hollywood legend’s deep wrinkles and gray hair.

While the talented movie star completely embraces all age-related changes and simply enjoys his time with his lovely young wife.

What movies have you seen with this iconic Hollywood actor?


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