Police find abandoned suitcase and hear ‘squealing’ from inside

Earlier this month, a mother and her pup were speeding through a popular area of ​​Florida when they were spotted by two Tampa police officers, who decided to pull over and offer to help.
Recently, two police officers spotted a mother and her small dog speeding through a busy Florida neighborhood and decided to pull over to help. After the capture of the dog, the days of the police have changed somewhat.

“When they returned to the scene to continue their investigation, they found a locked suitcase near a vacation home and heard screams coming from it.” The statement says.
When the policeman carefully opened the suitcase, he was shocked to find seven puppies inside. When the suitcase finally opened, the puppies howled with joy. When the police took stock of the day’s events, they realized that the puppies were mourning their police dog mother. They were sincerely grateful to the police for returning to the scene to save these puppies. The letter continues.

According to the statement, “The puppies thank mom dog for their survival as she rushed to call for help to save the puppies from the pack.
All seven puppies and their mother are in good physical condition, although slightly dehydrated. Although they are not yet ready to be placed in foster care, the staff at the shelter have given them lots of attention and hugs. It’s not yet clear how the puppies ended up in this case, but they are doing well with the shelter staff.

Regan Blessinger of the Tampa Bay Humane Society said the animals are “very much alive, happy, growing and getting stronger.” They will soon be able to return to their forever homes!”.

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