Famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio is having an affair with 23-year-old actress Victoria Lamas

The famous Titanic actor is single again.

48-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio recently broke up with 25-year-old model Camila Morrone.

Camilia is the stepdaughter of her friend, famous star Al Pacino. The couple were together as early as 2018.

At first, their romantic relationship seemed very serious, but in the summer they divorced.

The Hollywood movie star still remains popular. Although his appearance has changed and he has gained weight, he has not lost his charm.

DiCaprio has romantic relationships with girls who do not exceed the age of 25.

But it should be emphasized that the actor is not looking for romances and is not dating just any young and beautiful celebrity.

Recently, DiCaprio went on a date with the beautiful American actress Victoria Lamas who is also a model and whose father is the American actor Lorenzo Lamas. Victoria is only 23 years old.

The source reported that the couple were dressed in a very original way and DiCaprio wore a baseball cap as if trying to hide his eyes.

Her glamorous look was underlined by a diamond necklace.

For her clothes, Victoria chose black color and stiletto heels.

The lovers spent the night in a peculiar nightclub.

It should be noted that Victoria came into the world two years later before the birth of the famous Titanic.

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