a touching story about human beauty

This adventure did not happen in our region of the world, but it is good to know that there are also good people in the world. Even if the help is not human, it is our little brothers and sisters. This duo, made up of Ronaldo and Rosa, strolled on a beach in Colombia on a magnificent sunny afternoon. They perceived an unusual sound that was very similar to tears.

A small sloth got stuck between two small rocks after the rising tide and couldn’t get free. He was screaming very loudly and calling for help. He was very lucky that there were people around him, otherwise he would have been deadly. There had been a storm on the beach the previous night. They were very concerned that the baby might have been injured by the tide and rushed to help her.

They made sure there were no adults around and found a small box in which they placed the rescued sloth and brought it home. They got to work right away. Ronald carefully lifted the baby from the rock, wrapped him in a soft towel, placed him in the prepared box, and they went home. Rosaria rinsed with salt water and washed the eyes of the small sand creature.

The young man wanted to feed the infant, but had no idea what the sloths ate. After the baby rested for a while, they looked for a place to take care of it.

Not far from the house where the couple who saved the baby sloth lived, there was an animal sanctuary. Thanks to the kindness and responsiveness of this duo, this story has a happy ending for everyone. This tired but very happy little sloth rested peacefully in the arms of his rescuers.

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