A Brave Teenager Jumps Into A Lake To Save A Stranger’s Dog From Drowning

When we are on vacation, we can perform unexpected acts, for example, we can save a dog from drowning.

A teenager saved the life of an adorable dog. And the dog’s owner called Jane Warner shared this story on social media.

This incident happened in Wales, in the valley of Penllergare. Jane was walking in the woods with her Shih-Tzu dog. The pooch was seven years old and was called Charlie.

Charlie never ran after the ducks swimming in the nearby pond. But, that day, the dog decided to pursue them.

When Charlie threw himself into the lake, after a short time he was trapped.

Suddenly, Jane realized that her four-legged friend was stuck in the reeds, could no longer swim and was struggling to stay afloat.

Due to a disability, the girl never tried to swim, and she watched her dog fight for her life.

“Soon I saw how a stranger jumped into the water to help Charlie. The boy managed to free the dog and then bring it back to shore.

It was very difficult to swim among the reeds and after the rescue the teenager looked a bit shocked. He risked his own life,” Jane said.

Jane didn’t even know the name of the hero of the day.

But since her post immediately went viral, the girl learned the name of the brave boy. His name was Connor Telford.

The 17-year-old Scotsman had come to Wales for the first time with his girlfriend’s family to spend his holidays there.

„The first day of his first trip was really exhausting,“ the teen’s girlfriend’s mum said.

Connor was not a great swimmer, but he threw himself into the water without hesitation. It really is a good act of heroism.

And Jane was infinitely grateful to the selfless and brave boy.

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