This bald man who was Rose’s handsome fiancé in Titanic has become unrecognizable

The story of the huge British liner called Titanic has served as a subject for films and for several works of art.

The ship sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, after hitting an iceberg.

However, Titanic was the largest cruise ship at the time.

26 years have passed from making the epic American film Titanic which is a tome of romance and scourge directed by James Cameron.

And how is actor Billy Zane now? He played the role of the likeable young man Hockley, Rose’s fiancé and Jack’s competitor.

In this disastrous adventure, the handsome fiancé was in the process of getting married to the charming Rose. But Rose and Jack fell in love with each other.

After the filming of the film, actor Zane became very famous. It owes its fame to Titanic.

But since 1997, the handsome actors of the popular film have changed, including the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio who is already 56 years old and has gained weight and his beautiful hair is not like before.

This bald man is the handsome Hockley, the renowned actor Zane.

Time has not retained its appearance and after so many years it has become unrecognizable.

However, the actor is not worried about his appearance.

He has turned down affectionate offers from his female fans and lives with model Candice. The couple have two daughters, Gia and Eva.

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