The caring and friendly neighbors got together and repaired the pensioner’s house

New Jersey is a state in the United States, where residents are obligated to keep their homes and grounds clean and tidy.

But, certainly, there are owners who do not have the possibility of undergoing this rule, because of age, health or financial state.

Anne Glancy has worked all her life as a teacher.

Now the woman was old and could no longer take care of her surroundings and renew her house which already seemed to be abandoned.

Her retirement was not great for her to have her building restored.

But grandma learned she would be fined if she didn’t follow the common rule.

Fortunately, the old woman had very generous and friendly neighbors who understood that Anne needed their help and decided to give her a hand.

Although the woman was embarrassed, the kind neighbors got together and started fixing the house and cleaning and tending her garden.

And for the repair of the house they collected their own money.

Working with such a team was very interesting, and the friends quickly got the job done.

The house whose windows were also repaired became unrecognizable.

For all these works, the elderly woman had to pay 10,000 dollars, but the kind neighbors spent their own money.

Madame Anne’s gratitude was immense. She befriended her brave neighbors and visited them from time to time.

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