Their love leaves no one indifferent. The famous actor grew attached to Lisa when she was 14

Lisa supported him in every way possible and loved him more than life itself.

Patrick Swayze is one of the best-known Hollywood actors, famous for his role in the romantic film “Dirty Dance”. He was wanted by millions of women.

It’s quite rare that someone doesn’t think of this attractive man as the prince of old fairy tales. Seductive, singing, dancing, Hollywood stardom, he had everything a woman could want.


His hobbies explain him like a real man: rodeo, horseback riding, car racing and skydiving. But at the same time, Patrick was a tender and romantic man.

At 14, he met his wife at a dance school. At the time, actress Lisa Niemi was a student of Patrick’s mother, a talented choreographer. Lisa was different from her peers. She never tried to get Swayze’s attention. Once, Lisa hit Patrick for a „casual“ hug.

His invulnerability attracted Patrick. And soon he became attached to her, she won his heart for life.

They couldn’t take it anymore. Their relationship was honest and sincere.

Patrick had an irresistible desire to increase his talents, which is why he left Lisa. He moved to New York to find himself in classical dance.

Lisa couldn’t live without him and followed him. Soon after, the couple made their relationship legal. They were on cloud nine together and had the desire to start a family and have babies. But, unfortunately, after two miscarriages, the couple had no hope for anything else.

Later, due to all these experiences, Patrick became addicted to alcohol, cocaine and cigarettes. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 57.

Despite such a serious illness, Patrick continued to play the role of an FBI agent during the filming of the series “The Beast”. Between shoots, he underwent chemo to get in shape with protein. But the disease increased very rapidly.

He was so powerful that he rejected the painkillers.

After filming the show, he went to a ranch where he meditated while drinking freshly squeezed vegetable juice.

Swayze always said, “With this terrible disease, we only have caveman tools. You fight the monster with poison, but your body is able to absorb as much poison as it can and you are still working.”

His incomparable Lisa was always by his side until the death of the actor on September 14, 2009. She supported him in every way possible and loved him more than life itself. Their love leaves no one indifferent.

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