the superman actor’s announcement that his dog saved him surprised his fans

Actor Cavill admitted his faithful dog saved him from his mental problems

The fact that dogs are the best and closest friends of human beings can be successfully proven by the incredible story of this legendary British actor. We are more than sure that her story will touch absolutely everyone.

Cavill and his loyal dog Kal have been in an inseparable bond since he was just 10 years old. As the famous British actor admits, they have been through a lot and man literally cannot imagine himself without the animal.

The man recently appeared in an interview with his loyal friend delighting everyone with their absolutely inseparable and exemplary bond. According to the movie star, they go everywhere with each other.

“We are in an incredible bond. He saved me from mental and emotional bacon many times“.

They just can’t imagine living without each other and anyone can dream of being in such a close and strong relationship with someone.


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