The famous magician of the 90s David Copperfield is already 65 years old: he has his own museum

Everyone remembers David Copperfield, the famous magician of the 90s. The star recently celebrated his 65th birthday.

In the 90s, people were in love with him and admired his talent.

Copperfield has taken over the world with its fantastic tricks and illusions. He surprised millions of people with his extraordinary tricks.

Even specialists could not explain the methods of accomplishing his tricks.

David was highly rated thanks to his performances which often reached 50 in a single night.

He became a highly demanded illusionist whose gift for magic and success brought him enormous material wealth.

The great magician had a romantic affair with actress and famous model Claudia Schiffer that lasted five years.

And journalists made this story a cause for scandal.

But David Copperfield’s fame began to be diminished when social media took to exposing the magician’s extravagances.

He almost stopped organizing new tours and appearing in public.

His reputation was especially ruined in 2016, during a magic trick because of a volunteer.

When he made 13 people disappear, the behavior of one of the volunteers forced the illusionist to reveal the secret of the trick.

But this had no influence on his financial state.

The magician has bought a big house and created his own museum which has a large collection of different memorabilia and antiques and is also dedicated to his magic tricks.

But the museum is not open to the public. The magician also published a book.

Currently, Copperfield lives in New York, with his wife Chloe Gosselin, a supermodel and their daughter Sky.

From time to time he is invited to TV shows.

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