no one can believe they are natural.

When you look at the photos of “Baby Mia”, you have the impression that everything is “photoshopped”. But it’s her gorgeous hair that has earned this little girl love and popularity on Instagram.

This pretty girl is called Mia Afflalo and she won people over with her big green eyes, big smile and just amazing hair.

This girl has her own hairdresser, Sagi Dahari. He prepares Mia for the shoot and does everything to make this little girl’s hair look like a shampoo commercial.

In fact, Sagi once posted a picture of herself and it was instantly posted and popular with many fashion and beauty related groups.

Despite the lack of information about Mia Afflalo, her Instagram account already has more than 47,000 followers.

Thanks to this account, we now know that Mia lives in Tel Aviv.

Some commenters even suspected that it was a baby wig or that all the secrets were fake hair.

However, Sagi assures that the child has had chic hair since birth, as if it had been made for a shampoo promotion or a hairdressing contest.

When Mia sits down on the barber’s chair, she doesn’t make a scene, waits patiently and smiles all the time. Due to Mia’s assertiveness, the hairdresser calls her “Princess Mia”.

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