In these fascinating photos of a mother and her daughters, the youngest always stands out

It is very pleasant to look at a mother and her daughter when they are dressed in the same fashion and in the same color.

And when the girls are two, it’s much more attractive.

If anyone sees this young mom’s Instagram, they can’t remain indifferent to their charm.

Dominique, hails from the UK and is a very popular blogger.

She has two adorable little girls and their photos are much admired by thousands of followers.

These beautiful images, always positive, awaken infinitely sweet feelings.

In 2015, after the birth of her second daughter, the young woman took maternity leave to be able to spend more time with her family.

“I’m very happy and I never regret having left my job, because I’m still with my wonderful little girls,” says Dominique.

Her account is full of beauty and charm, especially her photos with her daughters inspire netizens.

In all these photos, the mother and her young daughters wear harmonious outfits.

His blog was created by chance. One fine morning, when Dominique and her youngest daughter Penny were wearing the same dresses, suddenly they saw Amelia, the eldest daughter, who, coming out of her room, was wearing the same outfit.

They laughed a lot and then Amelia captured this lovely moment to show the photo to her friends.

And so was born the idea of ​​blogging which changed the lifestyle of the young mother.

And now, apart from cleaning, cooking, laundry and schoolwork, Dominique has something much more interesting.

„And in our photos, Penny is always the one who puts her grain of salt,“ adds the blogger mom.

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