Fluid outfit and radiant smile: Angelina Jolie and her son were filmed by the paparazzi

Famous American actress Angelina Jolie often attracts the attention of paparazzi.

Now divorced, Angelina Jolie and Hollywood actor Brad Pitt are the parents of six children, three of whom were adopted.

The 47-year-old star really enjoys spending her free time with her large family.

One day, when Angelina was enjoying an outing with her 14-year-old son, Knox, the paparazzi managed to catch them.

Knox and Vivienne are twins who are Jolie’s last biological children with Pitt.

The movie star wore a chunky black sweater, pleated skirt and high-heeled boots.

She was with her hair up and wearing darkish glasses.

His son Knox was dressed in a tracksuit which consisted of a white t-shirt with text on it and green pants. The boy was wearing sneakers.

Mother and son walked quietly. The actress was carrying a bag and holding a plastic coffee bowl.

As always, Angelina was smiling and quiet.

Jolie recently retired from her post at the UN, which she had held for almost 22 years.

But she decided to continue her work and take care of more important philanthropic matters.

The actress contradicts criticism from her ex-husband Pitt who says she sold some of their joint property without his permission.

It is said that Brad Pitt has already introduced his loved ones to Ines de Ramon who is a health coach and social media influencer.

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