A hairdresser cuts the hair of a homeless man for free, who looks like another person.

The way you dress, your upbringing and the way you speak says a lot about you and gives the right impression. However, one should not forget about the importance of a good hairstyle.

Even if it’s not the best time of your life, a good haircut can make anyone feel like a star.

The famous French hairdresser David Coda is a true miracle worker who masters scissors.

He counts famous footballers and other well-known personalities among his clients. But his real claim to fame, he got it after giving a homeless guy a makeover.

The barber cut a homeless man’s hair for free and posted the results on TikTok.

The man was transformed in the eyes of all!

He explained that he opened his heart to those in need.

The change is truly dramatic, and it’s clear homeless people love their new look.

David trimmed the man’s long gray hair elegantly and also trimmed the messy beard that reached down to his stomach.

Appearance has a big impact on mood and general state of mind. Therefore, such a change is the beginning of a new life for this man and a new life for him!

Turns out, this man isn’t the only homeless man getting his hair cut for free by a kind-hearted French hairdresser.

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