The incredible resemblance between Emma Watson and her brother left everyone speechless

Have you ever seen Emma Watson’s brother? You will all be surprised

It is rather hard to find someone who is not familiar with this iconic, successful and legendary actress who never ceases to delight her fans with her spectacular looks and brilliant acting skills. While there are only a few who have actually seen the brother of the outstanding actress. As surprising as it may seem, the man also starred in the legendary film “Harry Potter” and you may not have noticed.

The striking resemblance of siblings left absolutely everyone speechless. The man sat at the other end of a large table, his hair styled in gel and his face covered in cosmetics.

After playing a few minor roles, Alex Watson decided to try his hand at modeling and, achieving great success and popularity, now frequently appears on the cover of fashion magazines.

While the man changed his mind and, at the age of 29, he wanted to resume his acting career again.

Did you know the legendary actress has a brother?


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