Here’s how Mexican actress Veronica Castro changed

The way legendary actress Veronica Castro looks now will leave you speechless

Are you interested in new photos of the iconic ‚The Rich Cry Too‘ and ‚Wild Rose‘ actress who won millions of hearts with her unearthly beauty, charm and sheer talent in this era?

Believe it or not, the career of the outstanding Mexican actress in cinema has spanned 40 years and the iconic woman has starred not only in a number of films, but also in TV shows. The roles that brought her recognition and fame were “The Rich Cry Too” and “Wild Rose”.

And, surprising as it may seem, here is the legendary star.

As the actress admitted, people strongly advise her to visit beauty salons, undergo beauty procedures and eventually dye her hair since she is a public figure. While the iconic woman is more than certain she looks beautiful without all that and her fans aren’t missing a chance to complete their idol either.

She associated her wrinkles, gray hair and other age-related changes as evidence of the valuable experience of all those years.

It should be noted that Castro sadly announced her retirement from the film industry in 2019 and she often delights her fans with the photos of her sons and her adorable granddaughter Rafaela.

What can you say about Castro’s current appearance? Has she changed a lot?


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