she was able to walk down the aisle with her own feet

A woman with a disability surprised everyone at her first wedding: she can walk down the aisle on her own two feet.

All the girls grow up imagining that all the guests at their wedding will be watching and admiring her as she walks down the aisle. But sadly, Jackie Guncher hasn’t been able to do that in 25 years.

The truth is that this athlete suffered a spinal injury at the age of 17, which condemned her to put herself in a wheelchair. The doctors gave no prognosis, but Jackie didn’t give up hope and did her best to get back on her feet.

What was the surprise of the doctors when one day she managed to get up from her chair! That brief moment made all the difference in her life.

As she prepared for her wedding, she was determined to do her best to walk down the aisle on her own two feet. She knew how to find the motivation to train and do sports in order to achieve the results she wanted.

Guests were surprised to see the bride, who was in a roller seat, suddenly get up and start walking.

Andy, the newlywed, was of course aware of what was about to happen, but even he couldn’t hold back his tears.

And the newlyweds even danced their first dance. It was very moving and all the guests cried.

Jackie is sure that now she can walk like before and that she doesn’t want to stop! I’m sure my friends are too,” she said.

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