David Copperfield the famous magician is 65 years old

David Copperfield is 65 years old. What did the famous magician look like and what does he do today? This September, the popular illusory artist David Copperfield turns 65. We tell you how his life is today and what the 90s star is up to.

In the 90s, everyone was in love with him, big and small. Mr. Copperfield has bewitched everyone with his extraordinary tricks and illusions, sparking wild excitement among millions. This man demonstrated extraordinary tricks that even specialists could not realize.

David’s ratings have grown at an astonishing pace, with at least 50 performances in a single night! He is a perfect example. This requirement made him an extremely wealthy man.

On this occasion he was a real star and even had a romantic affair with Claudia Schiffer. It is true that journalists have made this story a real scandal, but that is another matter.

Mr. Copperfield has not performed for a very long time, he has no new tricks and appears very little in public.

Once he stopped surprising people with new ideas, his career took on an overwhelming tone. Then the press started exposing David’s escapades, and public interest in his identity waned.

In 2016, through a magic trick, Copperfield notably made 13 people disappear. However, one of the volunteers wanted to discuss every moment of this show with him, so the magician had to reveal the secret of the trick, which totally ruined his reputation.

However, this did not affect his financial situation. David recently purchased a property that he rents out, and he also owns some antiques.

In addition, Copperfield has its own museum dedicated to magic tricks and has even had a book published.

David now lives in central New York with supermodel Chloe Gosselin and their daughter. They often vacation on a Caribbean island.

From time to time, the former magician is invited to appear in various TV shows.

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