this bald man who was Rose’s handsome fiancé in Titanic is unrecognizable

The bald man is indistinguishable from Rose’s handsome fiancé in Titanic.
Hockley, who was set to marry Rose in the disaster movie, was played by Billy Zane. After the filming of Titanic, the actor rose to fame.

However, after a short time, the momentum waned.
Forty-five years have passed since the release of the popular film. During this period, of course, all the actors have changed significantly.

Hockley was particularly affected. His rival Leonardo DiCaprio shed his slim body and transformed into a full, bald-headed 56-year-old.

However, Zayn isn’t worried about the lack of attention.

However, he refused any confession from his female fans. The actor lives in a common-law relationship with model Candice Nail, with whom he has two daughters, Eva Caterina and Gia.

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