Spending $40,000 on surgery and losing weight made the man unrecognizable

The radical transformation of a man who spent thousands on operations caused a stir

Meet Dale Cullen who has already undergone surgeries such as hair transplant, liposuction as well as jaw and chin reconstruction.

As it turned out later, the man was actually influenced by the striking and incredible results of the body changes of those who went through the intervention of plastic surgeries.

Initially, the man performed regular physical training in order to get in shape, lose weight and become more muscular and attractive. Soon after, he left for Turkey for liposuction.

Before returning to his homeland, Dale noticed that a lot of hair started falling out of his head, which caused him to seek another procedure.

The man explains that he just couldn’t stand being „the plump guy“ and realized it was time to become the best version of himself.

After undergoing the operations, the man had to wear special compression for some time to combat swelling and bruising as well as to recover as soon as possible.

Now, with his current appearance resulting from the incredible transformation, the guy is hard to recognize and has become a conqueror of female hearts. There is no longer any trace of its plumpness.

Currently, he is not planning any further surgery, but Dale is primarily focused on his mental health.

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