Rihanna shared the first video of her baby boy: he is very cute

Rihanna’s newborn baby has finally made his public debut and he’s incredibly adorable. This weekend, the ‚Lift Me Up‘ and Fenty Mogul singer posted a 45-second video on TikTok showing the seven-month-old giggling in her car seat.

In the TikTok video, his famous mother can be heard laughing in the background, and at one point tries to take the phone away from him, like a normal baby letting himself be filmed. Titled „Hacked,“ the adorable video is also Rihanna’s first official appearance on TikTok.

„This little guy doesn’t know his mom is Rihanna,“ one TikTok user wrote below the video. “Rhee!” another wrote: “Rhee! You have made a “human”. Guys, she is real.” I already love it. Paris Hilton also left a message. I am very happy.

The baby was born in May and she announced her pregnancy during a photoshoot in New York in late January. In a recent interview, he talked about his favorite parts of parenthood, including that adorable smile we saw on TikTok. Oh, to see his face in the morning!” “Seeing a newborn with its little pouch is just adorable” and “It’s the most beautiful thing in the world and my favorite moment of the day”.

Since birth, the couple have been cautious about posting pictures of their baby on social media. The day their newborn made his official public debut, Hollywood Unlocked released a photo of him that was only released by Rihanna herself. Explaining how they got the exclusive photos, Jason Lee, executive director of Hollywood Unlocked, said it was because the singer didn’t support the black press and didn’t allow paparazzi near the baby.

“New photos of Rihanna’s baby have been released and I’ll tell you how it happened.” Lee wrote in a series of tweets on December 17. “Yesterday she contacted me on FaceTime to let me know that paparazzi had illegally taken pictures of their baby and were going to post them. So she told me that if anyone wanted to break up with her, they had to do it.

“I had no choice, he says, but to ask Hollywood Unlock to do it. First of all, I’m honored and very sorry that you trusted me. I wanted them to choose the day to show the baby.” Lee continues, “I think some people don’t care. But most shockingly, I requested Hollywood Unlocked premiere while I was posting without their consent.” I wish more people would treat Hollywood Unlocked that way.”

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