Here’s What Legendary ‚House‘ Star Wilde Looks Like Today

Meet Thirteen from ‚House‘: How Has the Actress Changed Over the Years?

It is undeniable that no viewer hated this captivating series and it is rather difficult to find one who has not fallen in love with this charming character under the pseudonym of Thirteen. It should be mentioned that the role was brilliantly played by the outstanding and successful actress Olivia Wild.

It is pertinent to mention that although the talented movie star continues to act brilliantly in films, she never achieved as much success as she did during her legendary role as Thirteen.

Many are very interested in the personal life of the eminent actress. According to reliable sources, she first married J. Sudeikis soon having 2 children. During this time, the spouses quickly divorced, and Wilde began dating Harry Styles. Yet they, unfortunately. broken too.

What can you say about the well-known series? Has Thirteen changed a lot?


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