He saved about 20,000 animals. An American orthopedist makes prostheses for cats, camels and even elephants

This is Derrick Campala, an American orthopedic surgeon.

It has saved the lives of twenty thousand animals by creating prostheses and orthopedic devices for them. He also produces training clips for veterinarians.

In the beginning, he wanted to make prosthetic objects for humans. But an accident decided everything.

One fine morning, her dog, Charles the Labrador, came to ask for help.

His paw was damaged, so the gentleman wanted to make him a prosthesis. After he was successful, he decided to only work with animals anymore.

In 2006, Derrick successfully launched Animal OrthoCare, an animal prosthetics business.

The company produces prostheses for all kinds of animals, including pets and zoos.

Over the past five years, Derrick has won many clients. He made prosthetics for dogs, cats, goats, foxes, camels, horses, gazelles, sheep and even elephants.

Orthopedists come from all over the world and some patients have never seen each other face to face.

The remote treatment of patients is done by the company sending a kit to the owner of the animal to determine the shape of the limb. Once the readings have been taken, the holder provides a sample.

Derrick Campala uses specialists in animal orthopedics to manufacture individual prostheses from plastic materials. Derrick Campana is part of Animal Planet’s Heroes Among Us series. He recounts his two weeks of work in Arizona.

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