Hailey Bieber went to dinner with her husband in a provocative outfit

Haley Bieber often does interesting looks that no one else dares to do.

Haley Bieber has long been a style icon and an inspiration to many girls across the planet. Together with her husband Justin Bieber, they created a pair of sparkling looks that many fans tried to replicate.

While Hayley’s outings are generally very elegant, there are exceptions. For example, the Hollywood beauty might walk around in tight pants that show too much.

Models may also be comfortable trying on looks from a certain decade or era. Bieber can happily try on blunt jackets and heels rather than nudity, like a nightclub dancer.

This time, however, Hailey went a step further and wore a rather extravagant dress for a romantic dinner with her hubby. The model was photographed wearing a voluminous black faux fur coat that reached mid-thigh and black fur boots.

Importantly, the image had no background at all. The model was wearing neither pants nor a skirt, and her tanned legs were clearly visible.

Fans of the Hollywood star immediately started joking that Haley had gone on a date naked, covering herself in a half coat as the paparazzi watched.

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