Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s eldest daughter is expecting her first child and showed off a sweet baby bump

Rumer reveals her own pregnancy. Rumer Willis, the granddaughter of Bruce Willis and former Hollywood couple Demi Moore, has shared some happy news.

As a result, Rumer, 34, said she was carrying her first child. The actress unveiled this exciting pregnancy quite briefly on her Instagram. Willis‘ eldest daughter posted a series of black-and-white mood shots to her photoblog, posing with a slightly rounded belly; Rumay captioned the photos with nothing more than a cherry-shaped smiley.

The photo also shows Rumay’s boyfriend, musician Derek Richard Thomas, posing next to Rumay as he gently strokes his girlfriend’s belly. The star’s future grandfather has yet to publicly respond to the happy news.

However, future grandmother Demi Moore spoke about the upcoming arrival of a new member in the family: “I am going to meet my incredibly sexy grandmother”, she wrote on the social network.

Note that we have three daughters in common, Rummel (34 years old), Scott (31 years old) and Tallulah (28 years old). As previously stated, Bruce Willis is not currently in very good health.

The Hollywood star has aphasia. The celebrity is increasingly unable to recognize her family and does not always understand what she is saying. Due to his medical condition, Bruce Willis has written a will that will tell his parents how much of his estate they will receive and from whom.

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