Against all doctors‘ predictions, the girl who had almost no muscles survived, got married and had a baby

Ms. Sheri Psaila, a kind-hearted woman, has a condition called arthroplasia, which means her muscles and joints are barely formed and her limbs are deformed.

Doctors gave newborn baby Sheri the shocking diagnosis. They predicted that the girl would live no more than a year.

However, the girl had a plan of her own. She survived. At the next doctor’s appointment, the parents learned that their daughter would be in a revolving chair for the rest of her life.

However, Shirley proved once again that she would not give up on her illness.

And so, little by little, the little girl was able to resume a completely normal life. She went to school, studied at a vocational school and graduated.

She lives her life enjoying every moment, every success, every sun. She is a good example.

While attending college, Cherry met a young man named Chris, and the two immediately hit it off.

The problem was that he had a congenital spinal cord disorder. They quickly got married.

When Cherry became pregnant, she was thrilled, but had a miscarriage.

Doctors forbade the woman to give birth because her life was in danger. It was a miracle that she was alive. If she was pregnant again, that child would die.

Do you think Cheri accepted the doctor’s prophecy this time? No, she didn’t! We only envy the strength of will of this frail woman, her resistance and her persuasion, and she became pregnant for the second time.

Nine months later, a boy was born in the family, without the slightest anomaly. Obviously, Cheri cannot fulfill all her duties as a mother. For example, she couldn’t pick up the little one when he was crying and had to wait for the babysitter or Chris to come.

As far as the present moment is concerned, this little family is very happy. We can only hope that she will grow up healthy and make her parents happy.

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