The unique Dublin trio is 33 years old. What do they look like and what do they do

The girls look alike and have the same lifestyle.

In April 1987, an exceptional triplet was born in Dublin. It was so surprising that the girls were identical, that is to say absolutely identical.

Sisters Nicola, Laura and Alison have become charming ladies. It’s no surprise that modeling companies have started flooding them with co-working offers. Parents objected to their daughters becoming role models at such a young age. They believed that girls should have a peaceful childhood.

As the trio grew, they really got into modeling. They started making money when they were 16 years old. And while Nicola, Laura and Alison not only have good income but recognition too.

Since the uniqueness of girls is that they look like three drops of water, modeling companies are betting on this. The models must be the same to interest the public.

The constant search for absolute resemblance has led to the fact that girls not only look alike, but have the same lifestyle as well. Their height is 180 cm, the weight is 54 kg, and the height, as well as the chest, is the same.

The sisters wake up at the same time, eat the same food and do the same sports.

The trio share a common stylist, a beautician as well as a make-up artist. This is the reason why their hair and makeup look absolutely alike.

The sisters are not at all bothered by such similarity and even feel happy. They are used to being together and loving each other.

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