The indescribable beauty of these unique girls will not leave you indifferent

Meet the rare red-haired and green-eyed girls from different parts of our planet

It is no secret that such people are extremely rare, and their absolute uniqueness and charm will not leave any of you indifferent. Perhaps everyone is familiar with what “vampirism” is, which describes those who are very sensitive and are easily injured by exposure to the Sun. Difficulties also include poor metabolism and the reproductive system of their bodies. These fantastic photos taken by photographer B. Dowling who found and photographed the following absolutely unique and distinctive girls from all over the world.

The beauty of the Urals

An absolutely unique girl from Antalya

The redhead beauty of kyiv

Our lovely girl from USA

He managed to find another indescribable beauty of Slovenia.

We can all admire it for hours (Amsterdam)

Beautiful Croatian fairy!

Our unique London beauty


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