The appearance of actress Roberts in a dress with the portraits of Clooney delighted everyone

The way Roberts supported Clooney deserves special attention

The legendary Hollywood movie star, 55, appeared in spectacular style at the 45th Annual Awards, held at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. The elegant full-length dress that the iconic actress wore had a special feature: it was decorated with a number of portraits of Clooney which the well-known woman sincerely supports.

The Hollywood diva is not only a recognized successful actress and a caring mother, but also a devoted and faithful friend who supported the man in a rather original way. The way she supported the great actor left no one indifferent.

The outstanding actress’ sense of humor has been highly appreciated by millions. As for her overall look, the talented woman put on a cut black jacket over the unique dress complementing her outfit with classic high heels.

The famous movie star showcased her beauty with delicate makeup and elegantly curly hair. It should be noted that Roberts’ husband was there too who was dressed in a classic black suit.

It goes without saying that the outfit of the Hollywood diva looked very interesting, creative and worthy of attention.

What do you think of the Hollywood actress’ unique dress?


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