Nobody was indifferent to the iconic look of the star of „L’Immensité“

Cruz’s look in a Chanel lurex dress at the premiere deserves special attention

The recent spectacular appearance of the charming, successful and well-known star of “The Immensity” undoubtedly deserves special attention.

The stunning actress appeared at the premiere, leaving her fans speechless with her rather daring and at the same time elegant French look. Many rushed to say they wouldn’t wear such a daring dress at any cost.

The Chanel lurex dress worn by the eminent ambassador of the Parisian fashion house became the highlight of the premiere. The actress‘ stunning mini dress was complemented by luxurious jewelry and a pretty bow. It should be mentioned that the brilliant actress has become the greatest inspiration for millions of people with her unbeatable look.

As a reminder, the film L’immeensita is about a woman, mother of three children, who becomes a victim of violence from her husband.

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