Meet Legendary ‘Amelie’ Star Audrey Tautou

This Is What Iconic French ‘Amelie’ Star Audrey Tautou Looks Like At 46

It is rather difficult to realize that the legendary movie “Amelie” played by the outstanding, talented and successful French actress A. Tautou was released about 20 years ago. As surprising as it may seem to fans of the iconic film, Audrey is already 46 years old and has changed significantly since then, the recent photos of which left no one indifferent.

“It is quite impossible to compare her to anyone else”, “Probably the most talented and commendable actress in France”, “No one has power in time, unfortunately!” , “Why has she changed beyond recognition?”, “Look at her gray hair and deep wrinkles.”

According to many, the iconic movie star has changed significantly and it’s now hard to recognize the old Amelie in these photos.

Have you watched “Amelie”? Have your say on the lovely actress below!


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