Leonardo DiCaprio has an affair with a young actress

The 48-year-old Hollywood bachelor made a public appearance with his new girlfriend after dating Gigi Hadid. Leonardo DiCaprio set up a date with 23-year-old Victoria Lamas.

The actor continues to carry the image of the popular man and the playboy par excellence. Leonardo confirmed his reputation as a man who does not date women over 25. He was seen with the actor’s daughter, Lorenzo Lamas. The couple spent the night at the exclusive Barr’s Street nightclub.

DiCaprio opted for a casual look for his date. He wore a black T-shirt, blue jeans, a blouse jacket and white sneakers. The Hollywood macho kept a low profile wearing a baseball cap over his eyes. A diamond necklace added a touch of glamour. Victoria opted for a very youthful total black look with a short bustier, loose trousers, an oversized blazer and stiletto heels.

The lovers left the venue separately, but later the girl got into DiCaprio’s car and the two hit it off, joking and chatting.“ After a big group dinner, they left together,” the source reported.

Interestingly, Victoria Lamas hadn’t even been born when Leo’s classic film, Titanic, came out. DiCaprio is known to date girls under 25. But he’s not the kind of person who only thinks about romance. He doesn’t jump around. They are therefore in no hurry,” said a source close to the artist.

In the summer, „Once Upon a Time…Hollywood“ broke up with model and actress Camila Morrone. She met her stepson Al Pacino four years ago, and those around her were convinced that the romantic relationship was serious and had evolved into an engagement; they announced their divorce in August. The girl had celebrated her 25th birthday the previous month.

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